Rice Cooker Cake Update

Cooking a cake in a rice cooker works just fine. Doing a double batch will take frickin' forever.  Next time I do this, I'm using a single box of mix (or a recipe for one layer, 8" round (or is it 9"? I can never remember. A regular made-it-at-home size cake.)). The cake was particularly... Continue Reading →


What Do You Do? Nor’easter Edition

What do you do when a nor'easter storm threatens?  Even better, threatens with snow, which here in coastal Virginia pretty much shuts the place down. If you're me, you settle in for some writing time.  But that's not enough. Time to bake a cake.  Since we have a bunch of cake mixes that my couponing... Continue Reading →

What the Duck is a Fonut?

You'd think that the title is doing that little 'exchange letters so the naughty word is camouflaged but not really' thing, but you'd be wrong. Apparently, there is a thing that someone somewhere is calling a 'fonut'.  It looks like a donut, but instead of being fried in oil, it is steamed or baked. Call... Continue Reading →

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