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‘Intelligent Design’ My Ass: Teeth Edition

Not to pick on any particular designer credited with designing humanity;  you can point the finger at any of them, or at one lost to the mists of time, or at one yet to be imagined if you’d like.

But if you stipulate an intelligent designer who designed the human being, I would like to submit that I could design a better way to give a baby teeth than the present one.  I could do it with my brains tied behind my back.

Having them pushed out slowly through the throbbing gums of a baby too young to know why he’s in pain so he can A) hurt and B) scream incessantly at his poor suffering parents was a jerkwad move.  If you assume somedeity did it on purpose.

If you don’t… well, THANKS A WHOLE LOT, evolution.  Couldn’t just give us beaks, could you?