Writing What You Know Is Not A Path

It's a gate. It's a place to start, whether you're describing a character or a place or an action. And you know more than you think. Especially if you write science fiction or fantasy. Because then you're free to make up the things you know from whole cloth in a few spots, maybe many. That's... Continue Reading →


Thirteen Word Story: The Fullest Quiver

The Fullest Quiver Beneath the cult compound ten thousand artificial wombs labored constantly, preparing for judgment.

It’s Easier to Write Aliens

So, I've been tinkering with this Flowers of Dawn story.  So far, a diplomat on leave following the death of her spouse has been befriended by an alien she's previously only interacted with professionally.  The alien accompanies her to the graveyard.  She leaves a stone.  The alien leaves a... well, a green bean-thing.  I won't... Continue Reading →

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