You Are The Enemy Of The People

The question is, does President Donald "Joffrey" Trump think he's having a fun wrestling-entertainment-style feud with CNN and most of the rest of the US press in order to boost his personal ratings, as if he were a television show himself? Or is Donald J. Trump having a Kim-family-of-North-Korea kind of experience, finding himself enraged... Continue Reading →


SciFi News Network 2428: Orbital Strike Burns Barbarian Fingers — Hands Off The Chicago Arc!

(First appeared on my Patreon page 1 week ago, on the 18th) Breitbuzz News - Chicagoland Arcology Rushland Milouse, Jr. 23 April 2428   Shortly after midnight in the early morning hours of April 22nd a pack of barbarians thought to number over 1500 assaulted the Elgin section of the Chicagoland Arcology Wall. The assault... Continue Reading →

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