Treehugging Is Good For You

I've heard the "treehugger" sneer often enough in my life, and it makes no sense to me. As if valuing the resources and beauty in nature is bad. As if having some housepride in our common home, Earth, and keeping it looking and functioning well is foolish. As if simply not metaphorically pooping where we... Continue Reading →


Long Shadows — Seen From The ISS

A shot from the ISS captures long shadows cast by clouds. With views like this, surely there's a market for a few hotels in low earth orbit. And maybe some nice retirement homes. Maybe some day...

Snippet: The Spiders Fly

In its center cowered a tiny caricature of ourselves, closer to our ancient spacefaring cousins than to ourselves, but still recognizably relative to both. But it was small, small, a mote that might have been barely a fiftieth of my own young mass. I looked at it crouched there in the center of its disc... Continue Reading →

A Happy Future Earth

A little earlier, I wrote about pessimism in science fiction. Seemed like a nice idea to follow that up with an optimistic little story doodle. (Untitled 100 word short-short) The children gasp happily at the view as the shuttle door opens. They set up the picnic on matted needles under a gnarled pine by the... Continue Reading →

Space Funk

Am I the only person who feels a little bit of disappointment along with the excitement of reading about various plans, achievements, and speculations of NASA and other space agencies around the world? I'm glad there's talk about the next Mars probe and the possibility of a manned Mars mission the nebulous indefinite future. ... Continue Reading →

A Broken World

Image via Morguefile, my favorite source for random imagery Interesting that in most science fiction writing featuring aliens, the aliens are either fairly monolithic (one world, one political unit or culture), or have two or three major divisions.  Seldom more. Our good Earth, on the other hand... there's a whole lot of Balkanization going on. ... Continue Reading →

Socrates, Unafraid

I've just published this piece of flash fiction on Smashwords, where it makes title #35 I have published with them.  Over the next couple of weeks it will percolate through the virtual distribution pipeline to various venues, links to which I keep over to your right, in the sidebar, at the very top.  Socrates, Unafraid is... Continue Reading →

Let’s GO.

According to the very recent article pictured above, there is a very high likelihood that there is at least one habitable, Earthlike planet within 20 light years of Earth, and possibly more.  The number of habitable planets out there may be a lot higher than our best guessers had been guessing. It's by no means... Continue Reading →

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