I Published A New Collection And I Liked It

Fine, okay, there were some bits that are never fun. Like building an ebook table of contents or going through a bunch of stories written in standard manuscript format and deleting all the tabs so they won't screw up the ebook. But yeah, I liked it. There are 21 science fiction stories in there, arranged... Continue Reading →


Self-Publishing A-Go-Go **OR** Throw Some More Spaghetti At The Wall And See If It Sticks

  I'm kicking around a new idea. I want you to comment and tell me what you think. And now you have to read this WHOLE POST BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA So. *Ahem* I've been knocking around this 'writing (mostly science-) fiction' thing for a while. I like writing science fiction. I like writing nearly anything, but science... Continue Reading →

Brittany And Dustin Are Free…

...or at least the happy little solarpunk short-short they star in is free! I have often said that I hope that someone -- anyone, government or private or whatever -- builds a really decent retirement home on the moon or in geosynchronous orbit or at L5 in time for me to retire to it. This... Continue Reading →

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