Thirteen Word Story: Small Pleasures

From the barred basement window, a twisted coathanger emerged to pluck a flower.


Make The Right (Word) Choice: Younglings Edition

"Younglings" as a crappy word choice comes to you from the Star Wars prequels, specifically when everyone is horrified that Anakin killed "younglings." But, you say, look at that Star Wars Wikia pic you just posted. It's meant to be used to refer to juveniles in a species-neutral way. It's a piece of worldbuilding! Maybe... Continue Reading →

One of Those Days…

...I have two or three of these a week. Deep breath... Doing something creative, like writing or making a mock ebook cover grousing about being annoyed, helps.  Just one more way to integrate creativity into my life. 

Angsty Emo Writer Blah Blah

 A few days of new words coming slowly and with great reluctance really grates on my nerves.Successful writers will mostly tell you that success -- having a goodly number of readers and selling material regularly -- comes slowly. That sure seems to be how it's going so far for me. The success stories that involve... Continue Reading →


A few lines from one of the stories I'm working on, working title That's All.  The passage is focused on the main character, a near-future reality-show actor.  The 'Panemote' he's looking at is a nod to the Panaflex line of show-biz cameras.  This being set in the future, the Panemote also 'films' emotional tracks, allowing... Continue Reading →

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