Tell me what you think — here’s a chunk of a work in progress

I know what I'm trying to do here -- but I'd rather have your unbiased comments, if you'd be so kind as to give them. I'm interested in your thoughts as a reader. This excerpt is just short of 400 words out of around 12,500 so far and maybe 20,000 or more by the time... Continue Reading →


Fifteen thousand Words Into a Reality Show Yarn and It’s Getting Interesting

  I posted an excerpt from this work-in-progress a while back, and shortly thereafter I stalled on the story and put it on the back burner.   I wasn't alarmed, this happens to me often.  Writing half of a story and then letting it sit for a few days or weeks until an idea for... Continue Reading →

A Snippet From “Aunt”

This is a short story I'm working on, more in the horror vein than my usual SF stories.  It looks like it will shape up to be somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 words, and will be a 99 cent title unless I decide to hold it back for my next collection. Honestly, I probably will... Continue Reading →

Half Sour, Half Sweet

This cover took awhile to come up with.  It still looks a little odd to me, but I wasn't satisfied with any of my ideas.  This is the most striking, and I do like it.  It has character. I'm still editing the story, so it will be anywhere from a couple of days to a... Continue Reading →

The Words Are RunningTogetherOMG

Maybe I have enough traffic here to get a few answers: What do you think of breathless run-on stream of consciousness at a dramatic point in a story when you encounter it as a reader?  What do you think of it as a writer? Personally, I like it.  It doesn't really fit in every story,... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit of ‘Speed Glacier’

So, I've been playing with a ridiculous premise: a bunch of eco-warriors saw a ridiculously huge hunk of pack ice off of the side of Greenland and, using a mode of propulsion based on the old Orion concept, decide to ram something important with it to make a point.  At the last moment, the protagonist... Continue Reading →

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