The Sun Will Set On The Open-Air Farm Not today. Probably not this century. In the next, I'd be shocked if it didn't start happening. Outdoor farms in their sprawling plant-filled glory will one day be extinct in most "developed" countries and will be a marker of terrible, desperate poverty. There are already experiments in urban and/or indoor farming. Experiments and practical... Continue Reading →


Food Printing Could Change So Much Food printing right now is limited to stuff like pasta and candy. Simple stuff with few ingredients. But imagine a day when it's quick and simple to print a burger or pizza or steak. I don't know that day will come -- it's difficult to imagine the incredible advances it would take to... Continue Reading →

13 Word Story: LGMs

This one probably falls into the realm of science fantasy -- but then, people have said that before about a number of things and turned out to be wrong. There have always been fanciful ideas about how to solve the perennial human problem of famine and plain old food insecurity. They started, I assume, with... Continue Reading →

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