Thirteen Word Story: Superstar

(This story and commentary appeared first at my Patreon page on the 5th of this month -- my patrons there saw it first. You can see my posts, too, plus get a FREE PDF of any short story I publish, even if I charge for the ebook elsewhere!) Also, please feel free to save and... Continue Reading →


Thirteen Word Story: Useless

To the disgust of the warrior king, the magic sword would only heal.


  I just published my 50th ebook title on Smashwords: Half Sour, Half Sweet.  In a couple of weeks, it will be distributed to all of the ebook outlets over in the right sidebar.  Eventually, it will appear in one of my paperback collections.  I still have twenty or so stories that haven't appeared in... Continue Reading →

Half Sour, Half Sweet

This cover took awhile to come up with.  It still looks a little odd to me, but I wasn't satisfied with any of my ideas.  This is the most striking, and I do like it.  It has character. I'm still editing the story, so it will be anywhere from a couple of days to a... Continue Reading →


UPDATE Jan. 11th: Hunger is now available on for the Kindle crowd. Hunger is a medium-length collection: 8 stories, about 34,000 words. Hunger was one of those things that should have been finished a few weeks before it was actually finished.  The lead story, The Mask of Sisyphus, wasn't originally supposed to be part... Continue Reading →

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