Flash Fiction: Meet The Thunder

This is, uh, a thing. A thing I wrote. A thing that's not really a story, thought there's plenty of story suggested before it and around it and after it. And something, after all, happens in it. So it's story-ish. It felt pretty good to write it. It's got a hefty dose of autobiography in... Continue Reading →


Flash Fiction: The Hitting-Stick

Base image: SIV_primates.jpg by Wikimedia Commons user Yoky under Creative Commons 3.0 (attribution). Image cropped, color manipulated, effects added, text added. The Hitting-Stick by S.A. Barton copyright 2015 Once, there was a more-than-ape who struck another more-than-ape with a stick. There was no artifice to the blow. The stick was awkward and leafy; the impact was no... Continue Reading →


 The license below does NOT refer to the image above, which is a free use image from Morguefile. The license below refers ONLY to the written work below IT: the text of README by S.A. Barton. In other words, if you do choose to spread this story around, distribute it in its entirety, unchanged, attributed... Continue Reading →

Cover Design: Retiring the Worst

When I need a break and want to play with GIMP for a while, indulging my somewhat neglected visual-arts side, I look back over past ebook cover design adventures and pick out something to redesign. Even though I'm sitting on two finished short stories and am making good progress on a third... technically I'm backlogged... Continue Reading →


My short collection of flash fiction and vignettes, Visions of Odd, is #3 on the Sony Reader Store list of Science Fiction & Fantasy short stories right now.  Presumably my other 40 titles there are somewhere or other below it.  This is the first time I've been in the top 5 anywhere as far as... Continue Reading →

3 From The Edge

Edit 6/11/13: Now available from Amazon. 6/16/13:  It just went live on Kobo. 6/26/13: Time got away from me... checking now: it's on Diesel, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Sony Reader Store as well.   New story time again.  This time, I had 2 short stories and 1 piece of flash fiction.  Together, they add... Continue Reading →

Socrates, Unafraid

I've just published this piece of flash fiction on Smashwords, where it makes title #35 I have published with them.  Over the next couple of weeks it will percolate through the virtual distribution pipeline to various venues, links to which I keep over to your right, in the sidebar, at the very top.  Socrates, Unafraid is... Continue Reading →

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