The Sun Will Set On The Open-Air Farm Not today. Probably not this century. In the next, I'd be shocked if it didn't start happening. Outdoor farms in their sprawling plant-filled glory will one day be extinct in most "developed" countries and will be a marker of terrible, desperate poverty. There are already experiments in urban and/or indoor farming. Experiments and practical... Continue Reading →


SciFi News Network 2092: Advertisement: Ask Your Doctor If NeroScarfin Is Right For You

OBESITY WILL KILL YOU! With population levels stabilizing around the world and continued advances in technology that make producing, preserving, transporting, and eating food easier every year, the populations of all but the poorest countries -- and even most of those! -- have gotten fatter than ever. SEVENTY-THREE PERCENT OF OF YOU ARE OBESE. FAT!... Continue Reading →

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