The Sun Will Set On The Open-Air Farm Not today. Probably not this century. In the next, I'd be shocked if it didn't start happening. Outdoor farms in their sprawling plant-filled glory will one day be extinct in most "developed" countries and will be a marker of terrible, desperate poverty. There are already experiments in urban and/or indoor farming. Experiments and practical... Continue Reading →


Happy First Fish!

Here's our 5 year old proudly displaying the first fish he ever caught, just a couple of days ago. Itty-bitty little bluegill -- and he went on to catch four more somewhat larger ones while I caught a decent sunfish, a crappie, and a smallmouth bass.   He was THRILLED to have caught more fish... Continue Reading →

Relativity For Your Mouth

Our perceptions are WAY more dependent on our expectations and preconceptions than we like to think. Do you think, perhaps, that this extends beyond food to our social and political worlds? I'm wondering, too, how it has colored my perception of short stories and novels I've liked or disliked in the past. Hmm!

Thirteen Word Story: Revenge Of The Food

He worried endlessly about his diet. He died young: heart attack from stress. ------------- I like six-word stories, but I thought I'd try a slightly longer form. And thirteen is my favorite number. Unless we're talking money, in which case my favorite number involves a whole bunch of zeroes.

Rice Cooker Cake Update

Cooking a cake in a rice cooker works just fine. Doing a double batch will take frickin' forever.  Next time I do this, I'm using a single box of mix (or a recipe for one layer, 8" round (or is it 9"? I can never remember. A regular made-it-at-home size cake.)). The cake was particularly... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do? Nor’easter Edition

What do you do when a nor'easter storm threatens?  Even better, threatens with snow, which here in coastal Virginia pretty much shuts the place down. If you're me, you settle in for some writing time.  But that's not enough. Time to bake a cake.  Since we have a bunch of cake mixes that my couponing... Continue Reading →

What’s With the Pretzel Buns?

Pretzel buns seem to be the new fast-food and not-so-fast food fad.  You want a bun that tastes vaguely like the cousin of a soft pretzel?  Okay, fine.  Whatever. The pretzel-bunned burgers billed as totally awesome because of their amazing pretzel buns, though... that misses the mark. A burger or a sandwich is about the... Continue Reading →

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