Dear Fruit Growers : Wrong Way

I'm eating apricots and I think: these are basically tiny peaches. But they have smoother flesh, they're sweeter, they're more flavorful than their larger cousins. Same with cherries. Tiny plums, just way more delicious. People like the giant Red Globe grapes, but they are bland and watery, if crisp. The modest Concord blows them away... Continue Reading →


Where’s the Good Corn?

Corn is starting to show up in the grocery stores in my urban habitat.  What I am used to this meaning: figuring out which store has the yellow corn this year, not the white corn that is most prevalent.   This is what I'm looking for.  So far this year, nobody has it.  Instead, they... Continue Reading →

What the Duck is a Fonut?

You'd think that the title is doing that little 'exchange letters so the naughty word is camouflaged but not really' thing, but you'd be wrong. Apparently, there is a thing that someone somewhere is calling a 'fonut'.  It looks like a donut, but instead of being fried in oil, it is steamed or baked. Call... Continue Reading →

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