Lab-Grown Meat: The Next Great Culinary Playground

Oh, look. A tray of raw beef garnished with... a sprig of juniper for some reason? Who eats raw beef with juniper? What the hell is going on here? Less than two years ago, laboratory-grown beef made a big splash in the news. The scientists who grew the first hamburger not carved from the flank... Continue Reading →


Alright, The Computer Voice Wasn’t So Hot. So Here I Am Reading “All Flesh Is Grass”.

Give it a listen, it's one of my freebie stories, a real shortie -- only six minutes long, under a thousand words about one possible implication of laboratory-grown meat products. There are two other stories on my YouTube channel so far, both software-read. Now that I have broken down and gotten a bare-bones basic microphone,... Continue Reading →

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