Bennies Of Self-Publishing: I Get To Play By My Own Rules

I get to make up words... ...and invent my own punctuation rules... ...And write the titles the way I want them. It's fun!


April’s Patreon-Exclusive Flash Story For April Is Live — FLOWERS IN THE DARK

Flowers In The Dark runs close to 900 words -- considerably longer than March's story. It's also moodier and more serious than March's story, all about cults and choice and the growth of the surveillance state, and a few other things, some of which I'm aware of. I think you'll enjoy it.

New SF Short: “I Pledge Allegiance”

Pictured: cover model and artist and damn fine stepson Erik Elliott. Find your copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, iTunes, and/or Smashwords. The blurb (LENGTHY PREVIEW BELOW):¬†Keshawn Bolling lives in a future of total government control. His religion, his education, even the length of his hair are dictated to him, Worse, his... Continue Reading →

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