Snow Time To Panic

So today (Wednesday the 3rd of this brave new world of 2018) I had a mental healthcare appointment to keep (no emergencies -- in fact, I've been feeling better than I have for the past 3 or 4 years). I first set up these appointments when the family car was working, but because I am... Continue Reading →


Food Interlude: Delicious Fruit

  Pictured above, a Russian (and nearby regions) fruit drink called kompot I've taken a liking to and make on occasion. It's easy to make and it's more delicious than anything I can get from the store IMO. It has a velvety mouthfeel, probably from natural pectin. Good stuff, very nice on a hot summer... Continue Reading →

Dear Fruit Growers : Wrong Way

I'm eating apricots and I think: these are basically tiny peaches. But they have smoother flesh, they're sweeter, they're more flavorful than their larger cousins. Same with cherries. Tiny plums, just way more delicious. People like the giant Red Globe grapes, but they are bland and watery, if crisp. The modest Concord blows them away... Continue Reading →

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