As A Large Complex System Destabilizes…

...extreme events become more common. And that's exactly what we're seeing in the weather, and more every year. Assuming the world manages to turn our mass CO2 pollution around and stop anthropogenic climate change, I'm going to guess as an interested climate layperson that we're looking at decades for current temperature and weather trends to... Continue Reading →


The Great Solar System War Just as there's a "circle of life," there's a circle of war. And we're gonna get circled if we let current events barrel along as they are -- I do see people conscious of how interesting the times have become, and speaking out about the dangers (shout out to global climate change, which... Continue Reading →

SciFi News Network 2291: Job Hunting

SFNN> Classified> Off-Earth > Outer System> Kuiper> Pluto> Jobs> Technical> Supervisory HYDROPONICS AND RECREATIONAL GENERALIST (HRG) Salary Band 8(b) This is a position with the Eurasian University Cooperative (EUC), Facilities Maintenance Division. Successful applicants must pass a comprehensive full-record Onboard DNA-ROM Codex (ODNARC) examination. Felonies of any nature and offenses of any level of or... Continue Reading →

13 Word Story: Locked In

First, two things: this post appeared on my Patreon page on the 21st, and if you're counting words the-hyphenated-ones-count-as-one. You'll have to decide if you think I cheated or not. I say not. If you'd like to comment, I'll politely discuss it with you.  🙂 Now, about the story: "Uploading," the idea of rendering the human... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: The Hitting-Stick

Base image: SIV_primates.jpg by Wikimedia Commons user Yoky under Creative Commons 3.0 (attribution). Image cropped, color manipulated, effects added, text added. The Hitting-Stick by S.A. Barton copyright 2015 Once, there was a more-than-ape who struck another more-than-ape with a stick. There was no artifice to the blow. The stick was awkward and leafy; the impact was no... Continue Reading →

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