We Will Set Our Doors To Let The Burglars In

https://twitter.com/sabartonwrites/status/983217955101204482 Bank on it: we¬†will set the door to let deliveries in. You think people order a lot of stuff online now? The trend is upward, the Gen-Xers and Boomers who didn't grow up ordering stuff online and who are as likely to reject online shopping as to embrace it, are either croaking or following... Continue Reading →


Fourteen Score And Ten

https://twitter.com/sabartonwrites/status/974497738799964160?s=19 If lifespans are extended significantly in the future... say, as the title suggests, by a couple hundred years -- or even a measly extra century -- I think it's highly likely that as demographics shift towards a preponderance of people over a century old the perception of youth as flighty will... stretch a bit.... Continue Reading →

Let’s Make A Mess…

... because that's how rough drafts work! I'm playing with a story that I started a year or two ago and then put aside because it was lacking something and I couldn't figure out what. Every couple of weeks or so I flip through my notebooks (I have a couple of dozen) and see what... Continue Reading →

Little Observations…

...are a big part of being a science fiction writer. Of being a writer in general, really. Some nonfiction writers might be exceptions -- a writer of specialized technical texts, maybe, for example -- but even most nonfiction writers are doing the same thing that fiction writers and poets are doing: writing things that are... Continue Reading →

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