Why SciFi Movies Disappoint SciFi Readers Who Read The Book

Why SciFi Movies Disappoint SciFi Readers Who Read The Book (Same Goes For Fantasy And Comic Books) Same goes for pretty much any movie that was a book first, really. Ask a Stephen King fan. But this phenomenon of disappointment is so much more pronounced for fans of SciFi and Fantasy and Comic Books. Why?... Continue Reading →


Genre Is Small — inspired by the Star Wars Greeks of Travis Durden

Some art that made me say, "cool!" and a few tweets led to some bigger thoughts on genre writing - which is a pretty normal thing, small ideas leading to larger ones, if you've done some writing or pretty much any art I can think of or serious thinking. I found Travis Durden's Star Wars... Continue Reading →

Ha, Ha… NO.

So, there's a utopian little article over at Vice with the headline you see above. I'm not commenting on it because it's bad. You should read it. It opens in a new tab or window, so after you're done (it won't take long, it's short) you can come right back here. I'll wait. So, what... Continue Reading →

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