Commander Kitty Is Unsure… to whether or not he digs his new digs. We humans, though, ARE sure. This is a definite improvement! I've been silent here for a while. We've been moving. Goodbye 1968 sub-single-wide trailer home with slowly collapsing floors and significant amounts of black mold. Hello 2nd floor apartment with balconies in a 100+ year... Continue Reading →


Invisible Backstory

The rolling pin slammed into the right wall, the left wall, the right, punching holes in the drywall as I backpedaled.  I had to attack.  She was going to kick my ass.  She knew how to fight for real and I didn’t.  She followed me, crouching, hands ready, gauging my back and forth swings.  Timing... Continue Reading →

Bleuuuuurg for the Whole Family!

So, for the last 3 days we've been a plague house. First, the baby spent an entire night waking up every half an hour to puke.  And it's particularly pitiful when someone not-quite-two gets sick to his stomach.  He kept assuring us "I'm a good boy!" and "no want nummies" during bouts of vomiting.  And... Continue Reading →

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