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Thirteen Word Story: They Walk Among Us


Wearing the skins of the homeless, scouts for the alien invasion spied, invisible.


Coming Soon: Isolation

So, I have a new anthology in the works, tentatively titled Isolation and other stories.  With a planned five stories, it should come in at a healthy 40,000 words… give or take a little.  A couple of the stories are awaiting endings (which I assure you, I am feverishly working on) and the other three are pretty much done, needing only a final read-over for errors and tweaks.

Maybe, between now and then, I will put out another free flash or very short story.  But my main focus is on this new anthology.

The five planned stories, in alphabetical order, with mini-blurbs:

Anticipation: An alien-invasion yarn, in which the aliens are considerably more mysterious than usual in this sort of story.

Down on the Farm: A story of organlegging and semi-organized crime.  With thanks to Larry Niven for coming up with the idea of organleggers.

The Flowers of Dawn: In which a cultural and ecological misunderstanding escalates into the creation and attempted genocide of a new species.

Isolation: A computer error leads to a man encountering an improbable number of homeless people, and a conspiracy among them.

Turn Me On: A soldier receives a total body prosthesis after being wounded in battle.  Life without biochemistry proves challenging indeed.