Snippet: An Untitled Cat Story I’m Still Working On

This is pretty close to what Kwirrrf looks like, in case you're wondering. Except, of course, he'd never wear a collar.    “...but it’s expecting us right now,” Sandy said. “Right,” Clay and Eileen said together.  The three took dinner to the cat’s tent. In the tent, four of the graduate students sat on the... Continue Reading →


A Moment of Silence…

Link to the full story here. Okay, you're laughing at the idea of seeing the spectacle of a massive road-closing Brunost goat cheese fire.  It's okay, I laughed too. But when I was done laughing, I bowed my head and observed a moment of silence for the loss of the baby cheeses.  I am a... Continue Reading →


The large-scale theft of paper products.  Papyrus + piracy. Coined by my stepson Erik. This house could not be run without puns.

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