Let Me Explain All The Ways This is Awful

https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/1025087042491957248?s=09 I heartily encourage you, especially creatives but frankly¬†absolutely everyone, to¬†INSTANTLY¬† BLOCK ON SIGHT any individual or organization that posts anything at all like this. Because they're g*dd*mn thieves and sh*tbirds. They deserve nothing but to go out of business in the worst possible way. And I hope the a**holes who came up with this... Continue Reading →


13 Word Story: In The Kingdom Of The Sterile, The Genehacker Is King

(PLEASE SHARE THIS STORY IMAGE ANYWHERE YOU WANT BECAUSE IT WILL HELP ME REACH MORE READERS -- AND THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!) I'm going to guess most of you have heard of good ol' Monsanto. To many people and according to many opinion pieces, "good ol'" translates to "sonsofbitches" or worse. Among their many unpopular... Continue Reading →

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