Telepathy Is Already A Thing (Kinda) — full Patreon version

I wrote a teaser for this on this blog a while back, then the full version for my Patreon a little over a week ago -- though, if you care to become a patron and support my starving-writer self, you get to read things early, see exclusive posts, and sometimes even get free ebooks a month or... Continue Reading →


Tweeting From Mars SUCKS In my @Tao23 S.A. Barton Twitter identity, I sometimes trade words with good people and friends of science fiction well outside my time zone on the east coast of the USA -- people in the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. Even that little difference of night/day cycle and a few hours of... Continue Reading →

A Preview of Isolation

When I published Isolation And Other Stories, I set it to allow a preview of the first 10%.  So you'll be able to read about the first 5,000 words of the first story, Isolation, at (as far as I'm aware) any venue that sells it. If you can see it there, there's no reason you... Continue Reading →

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