Thirteen Word Story: Unidentified Flying Headline

Headline: Savage Planet Tours LLC Fined For Allowing Excessive Vehicle Sightings By Natives


Flayed — In The Future, Veterans Will Still Struggle To Fit In, And With Pain

Cover art by Erik Elliott The blurb: A short story, about 3500 words. Donte is a veteran and a colonist on a struggling new world under a hot young flare star. For most of the colonists, the struggle is in coaxing crops out of the alien soil and avoiding the radiation of the flares. But... Continue Reading →

Child Full of Stars

Child Full of Stars is the 36th ebook I have published with Smashwords.   It is free.   Go read it.  You don't even need an e-reader or e-reader app.  You can view the thing as a webpage if you want, by choosing the 'HTML' option.  It's about 2,500 words, you can finish it while... Continue Reading →

Let’s GO.

According to the very recent article pictured above, there is a very high likelihood that there is at least one habitable, Earthlike planet within 20 light years of Earth, and possibly more.  The number of habitable planets out there may be a lot higher than our best guessers had been guessing. It's by no means... Continue Reading →

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