SciFi News Network 2241: Tuna Poaching Ringleaders Brought To Justice

AP (UN Regional Headquarters 8, international waters, Central Pacific) 29 August 2241   UNBE (United Nations Bureau of Enforcement) officers arrested eight  individuals alleged to be the top coordinators of a tuna poaching, smuggling, and sale ring with operations spanning from the east coast of India to the western and eastern shores of the northern... Continue Reading →


SciFi News Network (Commercial Break): BARELY LEGAL BURGERS

Barely Legal Burgers™ by Bro Chow International      Bro Chow knows what bros want in a burger. You want something different, something that walks the edge.      Bro, you want a BARELY LEGAL BURGER -- voted most innovative fast food product for 2095. And only we got it.      100% sizzling human meat.... Continue Reading →

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