2067: First Major Metro Goes Off National Electric Grid

https://twitter.com/sabartonwrites/status/913784207696175104 I've taken up tweeting from the future, example above, in addition to my usual political-writing-SciFi-whatevs antics @Tao23. It keeps me thinking to turn out those tweets on a semi-regular basis. And the tweets can make a great nucleus for future┬áSciFi News Network posts here, AKA my futurist "predictions." Older posts are formatted to look... Continue Reading →


Mad Max: One Of The Rare Moments I Find Myself Looking Forward To A Remake

Edit: I'm told this isn't actually a remake, but is a continuation. Well, damn. Shows you how smart *I* am. In my defense, it looked and sounded remake-y to me. The prospect of yet another Hollywood remake rarely does more than make me roll my eyes. However, this one seems to have promise. The original... Continue Reading →

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