If The Nukes Start Flying…

...a goodly number of us dreamers are going to ruefully reflect that it was entirely possible for humanity to establish off-planet settlements following the Apollo program. Settlements that likely could have been self-sustaining by now because in the alternate reality where humankind put as much effort and resources and brains as possible behind establishing populations... Continue Reading →


SciFi News Network, 2357: Taifun Arrives In Lunar Orbit

Taifun Arrives in Lunar Orbit   L5¬†News & Entertainment Network 14 January 2357     Taifun¬†took its place in Lunar orbit today, as projected. The asteroid, 9.8 kilometers in diameter, was first discovered in November of 2271. Its original trajectory was a near-certain direct hit on Earth in 2340 and would have generated a force... Continue Reading →

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