Preorder “A Pornodroid’s Tale” — A New Short Story To Be Released January 2nd, 2015

This is the first time I've set up an advance release date on a story -- maybe patience DOES come with age! A Pornodroid's Tale is a 99 cent short story single, about 3900 words in length. That's about 15 1/2 standard paperback pages, for those of you unused to thinking in word lengths. Here's... Continue Reading →


Garbage Music: a Story About Listening, Understanding, and Things Beyond Words. Also, Australia.

A short story, about 5000 words. Young Jacinta Jaara likes to sit by the old landfill mine and listen to the music ancient Neyerneyemeet plays. The music speaks of her of the old days, when the people of Australia were divided, before the war that changed everything. Soon, Jacinta's curiosity will lead her to an... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: Garbage Music

I wrote this one a while back, and posted a few choice paragraphs from it.  It's a story from a future Australia scarred by a disaster, changed, different, perhaps stronger in some ways. But more than that, it is a tale of music, of communication, of growing up, and of finding wisdom by finding what... Continue Reading →

Snippet: Garbage Music

This is one I'm working on for a magazine's submission call for music-themed speculative fiction.  Deadline is tomorrow, so I'm furiously editing.  This snippet has had a quick editing pass, but is not finalized yet.  Garbage Music is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the last bastion of civilization survives around Melbourne, Australia.  Because... Continue Reading →

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