Imagine Being Dustbound On Mars, Settler

NASA recently reported that the global dust storm on Mars, which has lasted a month, is starting to die down but may take weeks or months to completely disperse. Imagine being a resident in a Martian settlement through that. Sure, the settlement will almost certainly be underground, as long-term human residents will need shelter from... Continue Reading →


A Relaxing Interlude: NASA Presents The Sun As Thermonuclear Art   You may or may not find the background music relaxing. I did. The images are magnificent -- the bigger the monitor the better.   Isn't nature grand? Seeing something like this really takes my mind off of all of the annoying things we humans do, like politics and war. Just for a little... Continue Reading →

Reach For The Stars

(Short-short story short-shorter: birds not leaving the nest die there.) Reach For The Stars Skyscrapers, rockets drowned in withering leaves: their masters, in the end, too timid.

Space Funk

Am I the only person who feels a little bit of disappointment along with the excitement of reading about various plans, achievements, and speculations of NASA and other space agencies around the world? I'm glad there's talk about the next Mars probe and the possibility of a manned Mars mission the nebulous indefinite future. ... Continue Reading →

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