Coming Soon: Another Damn Cat Story

  I blame the internet for corrupting me with its pervasive and insidious LOLcats and ridiculously cute cat memes.  The cover is a bit silly, but no sillier than the cover I did for Cat Zen.  Meow Right Now will be the second cat story the internets have talked me into writing.  Out of 70ish short stories,... Continue Reading →


A Real-Life Serial: Self-Publishing Impatience

 This is what I published 2 years ago (plus a couple of days).  You can click through and read it, it's a short-short and it's free.  It was my 26th; my 1st was published in January 2012. Looking back, it hasn't been that long. A bit more than 2 1/2 years I've been self-publishing. A few thousand... Continue Reading →


 The license below does NOT refer to the image above, which is a free use image from Morguefile. The license below refers ONLY to the written work below IT: the text of README by S.A. Barton. In other words, if you do choose to spread this story around, distribute it in its entirety, unchanged, attributed... Continue Reading →

Ice Age, Space Age

  One of the things I've been working on as a side project along with all the writing has been working out collections so I can publish all of the ebook singles I've published in print form.  And, as a side effect, have ebook collections available that contain ALL of my stories for those who... Continue Reading →

Prairie and Stars and Me

So, Prairie and Stars, my latest novelette, is out.  It should be in all of the retail locations in the sidebar to your right. It started with an idea made for SciFi -- humans find grass everywhere they go in the galaxy, and the protagonist finds out why. It turned into something much more along... Continue Reading →

Titles #44 and #45

Just the top of the list on Smashwords... 4.5 listings, to be exact. Just a tenth of the whole list. 🙂 I just finished publishing my 44th and 45th titles on Smashwords.  I shared the covers with you two posts ago... so if you haven't seen them, go look! Or look here, in the list... Continue Reading →

Cover Design: Retiring the Worst

When I need a break and want to play with GIMP for a while, indulging my somewhat neglected visual-arts side, I look back over past ebook cover design adventures and pick out something to redesign. Even though I'm sitting on two finished short stories and am making good progress on a third... technically I'm backlogged... Continue Reading →

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