So I’m Getting A Hole Drilled In My Legbone A while back I thought, hey, my eroding right hip has started to cause me a lot of pain, like constantly, and I have to lean harder on my cane every passing month. And I'm kinda tired of having one leg shorter than the other, which wasn't the case before but which is what... Continue Reading →


If you walk with a cane…

...your kids will want canes too. And then, when you look the other way, they will swordfight with them (not pictured). Fair warning.

Too Hip

Sometimes I see people out and about who are in a similar position to me: still relatively young and limping. Maybe they have degenerative osteoarthritis in one hip like me, maybe rheumatoid, maybe injury. Who knows? But what I do know is that they almost never have a cane or crutch. Maybe if they're wearing... Continue Reading →

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