I’m A Thanksgiving Literalist: I Give Thanks For Stuff And Ignore Our Weird National Fables

I WILL EAT YOU. YOU ARE A DELICIOUS TRADITION. The title pretty much says it all: I take the word "Thanksgiving" at face value, and I give thanks. Some folks might -- and do -- question how an atheistic sort like myself can give thanks without giving thanks TO something, by which they mean to... Continue Reading →

Toddler Logic

Let me take a moment to tell you what this innocent-looking little child just did. To set the stage: we've got 3 kids, my wife and I.  A teen, an infant, and the 2-year-and-2-month-old pictured above, Victor.  My wife is a big believer in the power of breastfeeding (I'm a fan as well).  The infant,... Continue Reading →

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