Writing Short Stories, An Upside

  An advantage of working in short stories, as I do (or writing shorts in addition to your novel-length project): when you get stuck, you can set a story aside and work on another one. Caution must be used with this approach -- it can turn into 'start a bazillion projects and finish none' syndrome,... Continue Reading →


Ice Age, Space Age

  One of the things I've been working on as a side project along with all the writing has been working out collections so I can publish all of the ebook singles I've published in print form.  And, as a side effect, have ebook collections available that contain ALL of my stories for those who... Continue Reading →

Prairie and Stars and Me

So, Prairie and Stars, my latest novelette, is out.  It should be in all of the retail locations in the sidebar to your right. It started with an idea made for SciFi -- humans find grass everywhere they go in the galaxy, and the protagonist finds out why. It turned into something much more along... Continue Reading →

Cover Design: Retiring the Worst

When I need a break and want to play with GIMP for a while, indulging my somewhat neglected visual-arts side, I look back over past ebook cover design adventures and pick out something to redesign. Even though I'm sitting on two finished short stories and am making good progress on a third... technically I'm backlogged... Continue Reading →

Blog Block

Writer's block is something a lot of writers talk and blog about, I've noticed.  I've seen dozens of blog posts and articles on the subject, with hundreds of suggestions about what to do about it.  Take a break from writing.  Don't take a break from writing.  Write about something you don't usually write about.  Write... Continue Reading →

‘Never Give Up’ and the Buddha Story

‘The one thing successful people never do is quit.’   You see this phrase and variants of it bandied about the inspirational and self-help crowd quite a bit.  There’s enough truth in it that it sounds worth repeating—and it is—and a lot of folks do just that.  Never surrender.  Hang in there.  Keep on truckin’. ... Continue Reading →

One of Those Days

It's just one of those days. Roughly 8 hours ago, I thought to myself: it's been a couple of days, I should put up a nice blog post.  Maybe something topical, maybe something science-fiction-y.  Maybe something about one of my stories, like the excerpt of a work in progress I did a couple of entries... Continue Reading →

Need is a Four Letter Word

When something needs to be done, it's an instant signal to resent having to do it, at least for me. It's a nasty habit, this resentment. It's part of that procrastinosaur that lurks in the bushes right next to the trail we travel, waiting to snap up the bits of our lives we let slip... Continue Reading →

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