Starting Late And Dying Young

So, General Organa -- Carrie Fisher -- is dead. At sixty. She left behind a hell of a body of work and a trail of lives and souls touched through the characters she portrayed, the stories she worked on, and in person eye to eye. She's hardly the only one to die relatively young. It... Continue Reading →


Revising An Old Story — And Boy Does It Need A New Cover, Too

(This post first appeared on my Patreon page on the 21st. Become a patron and see posts early, get FREE ebooks before anyone else can get them, and help me on my quest to feed a family of five with my dreams!)   For a little while now, I've been kicking around the idea of... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Word Story — They Were So Excited

First appeared on my Patreon page, posted 22 January 2016.   They Were So Excited   Civilization ended. Survivalists soon wept. It was nothing like the movies and books.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   We, in general as humans, like to imagine how amazingly we'd react to hypothetical situation X. The zombie apocalypse, invasion of hostile aliens or... Continue Reading →

100 Word Pessioptimistic SFF Short-Short: Missionaries

Missionaries S.A. Barton For centuries, they sent missionary after missionary to help the rising young intelligence see past the biological heritage of survival as battle, to pursue empathy, cooperation. After enough missionaries were pierced with arrows, burnt, nailed to trees, poisoned at dinner, beaten with clubs, enslaved, drugged, mocked, impersonated for material gain, and made... Continue Reading →

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