I, Robot Is Old-School Apolitical And Socially Neutral Science Fiction — Um, Right?

I and some fellow writers (and reviewers, some may pick nits, but isn't reviewing also creative writing? Yes, it is.) are getting together at The Scary Reviews comment section on Wednesday the 16th at 7 pm to discuss I, Robot. The idea is we're to review the book on our own sites to kick things... Continue Reading →


Thirteen Word Story: Back To The Trees

    Wars, famines, politicians casting every disagreement as life-or-death division, the screw-the-future shortsightedness of deregulated banks and businesses, the ever-deepening US suspicion of neighbors as enemies and basic social behavior as the demon-Stalinist-bugaboo of Cold War Soviet communism, the push deeper into religious extremism in the Middle East (copied, in rehtoric if not action... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Word Story — Television Tropism

(One day, perhaps the descendants of the mechanical beings we are nearly ready to create today will have myths of the creator who rose to power and created, only to be ejected from paradise, leaving Its creation behind in Its place...) Eventually, humans grew sessile, feeding on light of television screens. But robots lived.


 The license below does NOT refer to the image above, which is a free use image from Morguefile. The license below refers ONLY to the written work below IT: the text of README by S.A. Barton. In other words, if you do choose to spread this story around, distribute it in its entirety, unchanged, attributed... Continue Reading →


A few lines from one of the stories I'm working on, working title That's All.  The passage is focused on the main character, a near-future reality-show actor.  The 'Panemote' he's looking at is a nod to the Panaflex line of show-biz cameras.  This being set in the future, the Panemote also 'films' emotional tracks, allowing... Continue Reading →

Prairie and Stars and Me

So, Prairie and Stars, my latest novelette, is out.  It should be in all of the retail locations in the sidebar to your right. It started with an idea made for SciFi -- humans find grass everywhere they go in the galaxy, and the protagonist finds out why. It turned into something much more along... Continue Reading →

A Broken World

Image via Morguefile, my favorite source for random imagery Interesting that in most science fiction writing featuring aliens, the aliens are either fairly monolithic (one world, one political unit or culture), or have two or three major divisions.  Seldom more. Our good Earth, on the other hand... there's a whole lot of Balkanization going on. ... Continue Reading →

‘Never Give Up’ and the Buddha Story

‘The one thing successful people never do is quit.’   You see this phrase and variants of it bandied about the inspirational and self-help crowd quite a bit.  There’s enough truth in it that it sounds worth repeating—and it is—and a lot of folks do just that.  Never surrender.  Hang in there.  Keep on truckin’. ... Continue Reading →

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