Writing What You Know Is Not A Path

It's a gate. It's a place to start, whether you're describing a character or a place or an action. And you know more than you think. Especially if you write science fiction or fantasy. Because then you're free to make up the things you know from whole cloth in a few spots, maybe many. That's... Continue Reading →


Dear Flying Superheroes: FLY HIGHER

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhe_cyrHNpI Back in the days when I read more superhero comix, and today when I watch a movie with a flying superhero -- especially one with some kind of ranged attack, IRON MAN I'M LOOKING AT YOU -- I'm super annoyed when they just happen to fly low enough for an opponent with no ranged... Continue Reading →

Writing Longhand

The more I write, the more I find that I prefer to write longhand instead of using the computer. (It's worth noting that the computer RULES for editing, rewriting, rearranging, and otherwise molding a story into the right shape.) I always start a story by hand. I scribble notes and write a page or two.... Continue Reading →

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