Just Tell Us What We Owe, Fer Crissake: A Tax Time Rant

  Dear state and federal government, tax time is fast approaching and of course there is no time to do it this year. Which is kind of the refrain every year IF anyone brings it up. Few people do. They’re busier talking about “abolish the IRS” because that would totally stop people from cheating on... Continue Reading →


SciFi News Network 2115: Law Enforcement Droid Kills Youth, 33

CHICAGO-MILWAUKEE-GARY (CMG) METROPLEX – 6 June 2115 Early this morning, Law Enforcement Droid 6338-CRN-7b1 deployed a “taser slug,” or kinetic impact capacitor delivering an electrical stun charge to the target, against a citizen whose name is witheld due to status as a legal minor. The citizen was allegedly engaged in committing an assault of unstated... Continue Reading →

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