I Would Kill For A Tinkerbot

(Previously: "I Would Kill For A Maidbot") There are a lot of little things that go wrong around a house or whatever it is that serves you as one – personally, at the moment I'm living in a trailer that's only one year younger than my middle-aged ass and more things than average go wrong... Continue Reading →


Dear Humans — You’re Really Slacking Off On This Getting Out Of The Nest Thing

Seriously, people. It's bad enough it took 50,000 years --- maybe 100,000, depending on which theorist you think is most credible --- to go from self-aware sentience and serious tool-using to getting off this planet and walking on the moon. It was really a remarkable milestone. Getting there stretched the technology of the day to... Continue Reading →

Relax, Writer!

Poor Bodhidharma is really getting a workout. I have a certain amount of trouble relaxing. Burning some nice incense is one of many ways I attempt to deal with that; as you can see, my incense burning dish really gets a workout. It's more than a problem relaxing. It's a manifestation of my inner perfectionist. I have... Continue Reading →

Angsty Emo Writer Blah Blah

 A few days of new words coming slowly and with great reluctance really grates on my nerves.Successful writers will mostly tell you that success -- having a goodly number of readers and selling material regularly -- comes slowly. That sure seems to be how it's going so far for me. The success stories that involve... Continue Reading →

Need is a Four Letter Word

When something needs to be done, it's an instant signal to resent having to do it, at least for me. It's a nasty habit, this resentment. It's part of that procrastinosaur that lurks in the bushes right next to the trail we travel, waiting to snap up the bits of our lives we let slip... Continue Reading →

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