Self-Publishing A-Go-Go **OR** Throw Some More Spaghetti At The Wall And See If It Sticks

  I'm kicking around a new idea. I want you to comment and tell me what you think. And now you have to read this WHOLE POST BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA So. *Ahem* I've been knocking around this 'writing (mostly science-) fiction' thing for a while. I like writing science fiction. I like writing nearly anything, but science... Continue Reading →


Perfectionism Kills Writers… Perfectionism kills writers... because it kills stories. If you let it, it will drive you to editing and proofreading and reworking and expanding and cutting without end and you'll never finish a damn thing. Overcompensate by rushing work out and you'll rush out lousy stories that don't make sense and are shot... Continue Reading →

Seriously Eclectic, Short Stories Edition

Double vision!  The upside of having an eclectic vision, or, put another way, of being a scatterbrain: variety!  I love variety in just about everything.  Music, food, my reading, my writing.  The downside: lack of focus.  Focus has its advantages.  It's easier to finish things when you're focused.  Finishing stories can be a struggle for me. ... Continue Reading →

Positive Rejection

 Perhaps I've been fortunate in not -- so far -- having received a rude or discouraging rejection. I hear that some do. The closest I've gotten was, upon my third or fourth (fifth?) rejection from a particular zine, one that added (paraphrased from memory) 'this is a great example of what we're looking for' with a... Continue Reading →

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