An Argument For Animism

  I'm not an animist, but watching the sun sparkle on the water at the edges of the shadow of that old cypress, I can see how someone could wonder if there wasn't some sort of spirit or essence or godling showing itself out of the water, the tree, the sun, or all three. This... Continue Reading →


King Of The Pantheon? 

From a recent visit to the Chrysler Museum of Art. Humans pictured are family, not random passersby. So, we stopped to pay homage to that not-quite-most-modern of gods, Television. Its younger sibling  Internet was nowhere to be found, but maybe the artist will work on that next. I'm not sure Lord Television qualifies as king,... Continue Reading →

At The Risk Of Pissing You Off On The Anniversary Of The Oklahoma City Bombing…

...I thought I'd share a series of my tweets on the subject with you all. I started with a sad reply to the first tweet below... After I tweeted "nobody wants to touch this tweet," a couple of people were moved to retweet it -- whether they simply noticed... Continue Reading →

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