Donald Trump Is A Big Orange Bag Of Supervillain Tropes

If I wrote Donald Trump as a character, he would never fly outside of overt satire. “He's too one-dimensional, too absurdly over the top, too poorly conceived. But worst of all, he's just a trope. In fact, you threw every major supervillain trope but one together and called it done.” You'd be right, too. First... Continue Reading →


SciFi News Network 2092: Advertisement: Ask Your Doctor If NeroScarfin Is Right For You

OBESITY WILL KILL YOU! With population levels stabilizing around the world and continued advances in technology that make producing, preserving, transporting, and eating food easier every year, the populations of all but the poorest countries -- and even most of those! -- have gotten fatter than ever. SEVENTY-THREE PERCENT OF OF YOU ARE OBESE. FAT!... Continue Reading →

As a public service, I have to pass this fine dig at the Mussolinoid menace of Donald Trump along.   I don't pass along videos often, especially not hour-long satirical jabs at our most unfortunate current Presidential candidate, the USA's answer to the UK's nativist/racist UKIP party, Donald Trump.   But I do have a bit of political conscience, I genuinely believe that Trump presents a danger to the future of the US... Continue Reading →

Here He Comes… comes Speed Glacier! Just a buck-ninety-nine for 12,000 ridiculously ecoterroristic words featuring wishy-washy earth warrior Moon Wolf B2. It's on... Smashwords Amazon (Amazon Canada and Amazon UK too) Barnes & Noble has it now (Nook UK as well) Kobo And iTunes! Speed Glacier is a farce of ecoterrorism and the human urge to belong.  It brings... Continue Reading →

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