A Billionaire Is Mad That Poor Kids Get Free Sandwiches

...so I wrote a little tweetstorm about that. https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/835919294387077122 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/835919618120245251 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/835920043057766400 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/835920919843516418 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/835921269325455361 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/835921538729840640 Sorry about the repeated tweet at the end. Twitter threads are formed by replying to yourself, and now twitter displays the tweet each one is replying to for context... except to make a readable thread like this it means you now... Continue Reading →


This Ought to be Interesting

So, tomorrow I begin final preparations to load myself onto a Greyhound bus and head from Norfolk, VA to Washington, D.C. for a school thingiee.  This 'thingiee' will last a week and will involve attending lectures, role-playing exercises meant to build skills to use in mental health counseling, being videotaped, meeting with academic advisors, and... Continue Reading →

Stupid News: Gun School

Today I stumbled upon a news story in which a 7 year old was suspended for school for chewing a pop-tart-oid into the shape of a gun.  According to the story, the boy did not point it any anyone, did not make gun noises... just chewed one corner off. That struck me as being pretty... Continue Reading →

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