2067: First Major Metro Goes Off National Electric Grid

https://twitter.com/sabartonwrites/status/913784207696175104 I've taken up tweeting from the future, example above, in addition to my usual political-writing-SciFi-whatevs antics @Tao23. It keeps me thinking to turn out those tweets on a semi-regular basis. And the tweets can make a great nucleus for futureĀ SciFi News Network posts here, AKA my futurist "predictions." Older posts are formatted to look... Continue Reading →


Planning A New Collection For December!

I'd have posted a cover, but I don't have one yet. I may make one, or my stepson Erik may create one. He did the cover for Isolation and Other Stories and it came out great. šŸ™‚ The working, 99.9% sure I'm using it, title isĀ Closer Than You ThinkĀ and I'm planning to have it ready... Continue Reading →

A Preview of Isolation

When I published Isolation And Other Stories, I set it to allow a preview of the first 10%.Ā  So you'll be able to read about the first 5,000 words of the first story, Isolation, at (as far as I'm aware) any venue that sells it. If you can see it there, there's no reason you... Continue Reading →

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