Sony Reader Store is Weirding Me Out, Man

I've had my ebooks out there, waiting to be purchased (sometimes for free) for a couple of years now.  From time to time, I look in at the various outlets that carry them, seeing if I can find any information on how well they're doing.  Some outlets give me more information than others.  Apple just... Continue Reading →



  I just published my 50th ebook title on Smashwords: Half Sour, Half Sweet.  In a couple of weeks, it will be distributed to all of the ebook outlets over in the right sidebar.  Eventually, it will appear in one of my paperback collections.  I still have twenty or so stories that haven't appeared in... Continue Reading →

Titles #44 and #45

Just the top of the list on Smashwords... 4.5 listings, to be exact. Just a tenth of the whole list. 🙂 I just finished publishing my 44th and 45th titles on Smashwords.  I shared the covers with you two posts ago... so if you haven't seen them, go look! Or look here, in the list... Continue Reading →

Cover Design: Retiring the Worst

When I need a break and want to play with GIMP for a while, indulging my somewhat neglected visual-arts side, I look back over past ebook cover design adventures and pick out something to redesign. Even though I'm sitting on two finished short stories and am making good progress on a third... technically I'm backlogged... Continue Reading →

A Preview of Isolation

When I published Isolation And Other Stories, I set it to allow a preview of the first 10%.  So you'll be able to read about the first 5,000 words of the first story, Isolation, at (as far as I'm aware) any venue that sells it. If you can see it there, there's no reason you... Continue Reading →

A New Release and A Teaser

I've finally managed to finish my Isolation And Other Stories collection.  2 novellas, 1 novelette, 2 short stories.  About 52,000 words of alternately enjoying the process of creation and considering laying off shaving my head for a while in order to grow hair to pull out.  I hope you enjoy it.  Right now it's available... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: Pixel People

This will be my 40th title self-published through Smashwords, and I should have it finished up in a day or two. It's going to be a short one, maybe 2500 words.  So I'm going to make it FREE. This is a prequel to another story, revealing part of the history of my novelette Adversary (Here... Continue Reading →

My Name Is Gerald

No, it's not.  My name isn't Gerald, of course.  But my newest short story, My Name Is Gerald, is now available. Here's the blurb: Gerald is a lonely man, a shut-in who spends his time dreaming and watching the skies over his rural Nebraska hometown on the eve of the quincentennial. What he observes in... Continue Reading →

3 From The Edge

Edit 6/11/13: Now available from Amazon. 6/16/13:  It just went live on Kobo. 6/26/13: Time got away from me... checking now: it's on Diesel, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Sony Reader Store as well.   New story time again.  This time, I had 2 short stories and 1 piece of flash fiction.  Together, they add... Continue Reading →

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