Lightsail Probes: Not Just For Seeking Out New Life

So, yesterday on Twitter I got to thinking about laser-launched lightsail nanoprobes: Currently, the big idea is to launch teeny-tiny lightsail probes at neighboring stars to get a look around -- current thought is that technology as it is now could handle boosting some 1 gram probes attached to 20 meter lightsails up... Continue Reading →


Overheard Through an Apartment Wall in a City Orbiting Jupiter

This is a little flash story I cobbled together while feeling adventurous about format and framing of stories. And, as usual, about the future. It seemed fitting to post it following the arrival of the Juno craft at Jupiter. Hopefully the WordPress text editor won't make too much of a hash of it -- I'll do... Continue Reading →

SciFi News Network 2291: Job Hunting

SFNN> Classified> Off-Earth > Outer System> Kuiper> Pluto> Jobs> Technical> Supervisory HYDROPONICS AND RECREATIONAL GENERALIST (HRG) Salary Band 8(b) This is a position with the Eurasian University Cooperative (EUC), Facilities Maintenance Division. Successful applicants must pass a comprehensive full-record Onboard DNA-ROM Codex (ODNARC) examination. Felonies of any nature and offenses of any level of or... Continue Reading →

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