If The Nukes Start Flying…

...a goodly number of us dreamers are going to ruefully reflect that it was entirely possible for humanity to establish off-planet settlements following the Apollo program. Settlements that likely could have been self-sustaining by now because in the alternate reality where humankind put as much effort and resources and brains as possible behind establishing populations... Continue Reading →


Lightsail Probes: Not Just For Seeking Out New Life

So, yesterday on Twitter I got to thinking about laser-launched lightsail nanoprobes: https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/890591962973208577 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/890593221902053378 Currently, the big idea is to launch teeny-tiny lightsail probes at neighboring stars to get a look around -- current thought is that technology as it is now could handle boosting some 1 gram probes attached to 20 meter lightsails up... Continue Reading →

Space Funk

Am I the only person who feels a little bit of disappointment along with the excitement of reading about various plans, achievements, and speculations of NASA and other space agencies around the world? I'm glad there's talk about the next Mars probe and the possibility of a manned Mars mission sometime...soonish...maybe...in the nebulous indefinite future. ... Continue Reading →

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