Everything Explodes – SciFi News Network, 2041

(Original appearance: 25 April 2017 on my Patreon page) NO GLORY A syndicated conflict blog Rose L. Parimoo Everything Explodes   04 May 2041* It does, you know. Everything does explode. The sheer carnage one sees here, day and night, is amazing. Is amazing the right word? Yes and no. Amazing, horrific, awful and awe-inspiring... Continue Reading →


Flash Fiction: Under Ashes

“Anything worth a damn is made on a coast and ships from a coast. By air or sea.” That's what the president said. At least, it's what was reported on the shadow web that snakes through the makeshift network of “smart” stoves and washing machines and automobiles (if you can afford them!) and can openers... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Word Story: Back To The Trees

    Wars, famines, politicians casting every disagreement as life-or-death division, the screw-the-future shortsightedness of deregulated banks and businesses, the ever-deepening US suspicion of neighbors as enemies and basic social behavior as the demon-Stalinist-bugaboo of Cold War Soviet communism, the push deeper into religious extremism in the Middle East (copied, in rehtoric if not action... Continue Reading →

New SF Short: “I Pledge Allegiance”

Pictured: cover model and artist and damn fine stepson Erik Elliott. Find your copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, iTunes, and/or Smashwords. The blurb (LENGTHY PREVIEW BELOW): Keshawn Bolling lives in a future of total government control. His religion, his education, even the length of his hair are dictated to him, Worse, his... Continue Reading →

Space Funk

Am I the only person who feels a little bit of disappointment along with the excitement of reading about various plans, achievements, and speculations of NASA and other space agencies around the world? I'm glad there's talk about the next Mars probe and the possibility of a manned Mars mission sometime...soonish...maybe...in the nebulous indefinite future. ... Continue Reading →

Hey, Baby — Novelette Serial, Part 3

Part 3 of a serialized novelette Copyright 2013, S.A. Barton Cover art copyright 2013, Erik Elliott Want to start from the beginning? Click here for part 1. “Jesus Christ,” I said, “are you trying to tell me you think America is Heaven?” “Archangel Jesus Christ may he look over us and keep us safe in... Continue Reading →

Editors For Great Justice

Earlier today I watched a bit of the Zimmerman trial (if you've been living under a rock or live outside the USA where I'm guessing it's not such a big news item, here's a basic rundown) because I'm somewhat interested and also apparently a bit masochistic this morning/early afternoon.  As I listened, something occurred to... Continue Reading →

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