15% Chance Of Rain:


So This Is Happening In Just A Few Days…

https://youtu.be/Mv5O2J1jf2o ...unless you're here on the 7th of this month (June 2018 if you're here from the future) in which case it's happening / it happened this morning, or after the 7th it already happened. It's pretty routine surgery, so the chances of things going hinky are low. This could be the end of about... Continue Reading →

An Argument For Animism

  I'm not an animist, but watching the sun sparkle on the water at the edges of the shadow of that old cypress, I can see how someone could wonder if there wasn't some sort of spirit or essence or godling showing itself out of the water, the tree, the sun, or all three. This... Continue Reading →

Eclipse, With Children 

Eclipse viewing with the kiddos. We also had a pair of viewing glasses but the natural pinholes between leaves stole the. show.  The direct pictures are the product of me putting my cellphone camera in manual settings mode & fiddling around until something weird happened. Not sure why the secondary crescent sun image appeared, but... Continue Reading →

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